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Anniversary event

09/03/2008 12:24 UTCMichael K.

It will be a year since the Czech Wings registration on IVAO on April 1st, the registration was completed on April 3rd. On this occasion we would like to organize a larger event. We would try to keep as many planes as possible in the air from 12:00 UTC April 5th to 12:00 UTC April 6th (weekend). All the flights would have doubled point ratings and the most active pilots would get an award to their profiles.

Priorities would be following:
1. contacts with other Czech Wings planes
2. keeping the flights as consecutive as possible for any planes of our fleet
3. at least one plane online at a time

It would be good if one pilot flew an outbound leg, the second pilot inbound, then again the second pilot elsewhere, the first pilot back etc. Simply pilot shouldn't fly to Iceland and then 15 minutes after the arrival to Iceland fly from Prague to Milan. But this is up to you.

What do you think about the event and how many flights would you fly?

19/03/2008 02:52 UTCRick R.

I will try to fly at least two flights for this event. I have been absent but plan to become active once again.

19/03/2008 07:54 UTCMichael K.

Great! We are looking forward to seeing you during the event.

05/04/2008 11:09 UTCMatthew B.

hi im new here and i picked my flight from paris to prague, but what do i do next i fly and file a report or there was something about going to and going online me please

05/04/2008 11:44 UTCMichal P.

Well, you registered on, so you should know why did you do this, shouldnt you? This whole project is about flying ONLINE, so you have to fly all the flights here online. If you go to site, switch over to software division pages, you can download all the necessary software you need to connect to Ivan network. This is in the first place Ivap client, MTL library, Teamspeak. Install it in this order and you should have all the necessary software to successfuly connect to the network. But the problem is, if you have never seen it before, that you should really know how to operate the software, its not a problem to find the necessary document on the web, but im afraid it is a bit too late to start looking for the manuals and studying them, if your flight starts off in about 2 hours from now. Sorry, but this is not just about flying the flight in any way you want, but its about flying online obeying the real world rules and also the rules that are in effect in the network.
As soon as you manage to connect to Ivan network, we will be more than happy to see you fly the flights for our company, and should you have any questions regarding this matter, dont hesitate to ask, we will try to help you if we can.


11:14:51 UTC


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