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Fleet extension poll concept

22/04/2007 11:01 UTCMichael K.

Shortly, we are going to poll for the next plane type in our fleet. In the meantime, the options are following:

ATR 72-500 (Flight1)
Boeing 737-300 (FeelThere)
Boeing 737-400 (FeelThere)
Boeing 737-500 (FeelThere)
Boeing 737-700 (PMDG)
Boeing 737-800 (PMDG)
Boeing 737-900 (PMDG)
Boeing 757-200 (PSS)
Boeing 757-300 (PSS)
CRJ-200 (FeelThere)
CRJ-700 (FeelThere)
CRJ-900 (FeelThere)
Embrarer ERJ-145 (FeelThere)
Fokker F70 (PFJ)
Fokker F100 (PFJ)
MD-81 (CoolSky)
Saab 340 (FFS)

The question is, what have we forgotten? :-)

27/04/2007 05:49 UTCRick R.

I am a fan of the PMDG 747-400, but perhaps this is too large for the current expansion plans?

27/04/2007 11:53 UTCMichael K.

747 is definitely a great plane. Do you fly long-haul flights often? The Queen could be added but she would be used only for the long-haul flights (generally more than 10 hours). We don't want to add her and watch how she is not used because of the long flight duration. She can be added when the fleet is bigger.

28/04/2007 11:39 UTCCalum M.

I know I have just joined here but I would still like to give just an opinion :

The CW management have to look at fleet expansion from a destinations / capacity ratio ...

In my opinion , CW management have introduced a near-perfect choice of equipment for their young and not yet established airline. The 736 is capable of working from Prague to anywhere in Europe and North-Africa , and although not holding as large a capacity as some other airliners , could - if employed on the right routes - become the perfect workhorse for CW's European network.

Of course in summer , loads are very high from any central european or north european city to the Mediterranean and other holiday locations , so a 763 service may be operated 4 times a week instead of 736 services 7 times a week.

Prague - AMS , Prague - Dublin , Prague - Milan and other similar routes are all perfect for 736 just now in my opinion.

I am just trying to say ... fleet expansion doesnt have to mean a new type. What about 1 more 736 and then during the summer a full reveiw of how the whole fleet is working for CW ? perhaps a transition to 738 if needed , or maybe it wont be needed at all , but some review just to find out if its really working or at least working realistically.

Thanks for reading


28/04/2007 14:11 UTCMichael K.

I agree with you. Actually, we considered adding more 736s but we would like to allow more pilots to fly for Czech Wings by adding a next type to the fleet. Only one type is going to be added and then the fleet is going to be extended only by increasing the count of planes. We are missing some turboprop in our fleet but we let pilots decide.

05/05/2007 02:20 UTCRick R.

I do frequently fly long haul but I don't really think a 747 fits with the plans that have been outlined here. The 767 is really all that is needed for our international routes. I like the comments by Calum and also agree. What you have built here has a very realistic feel to it and I would be concerned with too much growth diluting the concept.

05/05/2007 11:31 UTCMichal P.

We have decided that there will be only aircraft up to capacity of 80 passengers in the poll. These are:

ATR 72-500 (Flight1)
CRJ-200 (FeelThere)
CRJ-700 (FeelThere)
Embrarer ERJ-145 (FeelThere)
Fokker F70 (PFJ)
Let L-410 (PWDT, CVA)
Saab 340 (FFS)

Later, we will also rent a Boeing 737-900 at the start of summer, mainly to be used for transporting customers of travel agencies.

13/05/2007 18:32 UTCMichael K.

The poll has been launched, you can vote on the main page.

30/06/2007 11:53 UTCMichael K.

Thanks for votes, ATR has beaten its opponents.


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