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14/04/2007 11:16 UTCMichal M.

I have decided to use the English forum,because it´s better for those who can´t speak czech.My question is ,If there´ll be any events in this VA like events in my past VA Bohemia airlines.I understand,that it´s probably a problem because of reality,but it can be real.For example: There´s an earthquake in Indonesia and they need some help.So CZW can send their fleet with help,.This was only an example,´cause Indonesia is so far and it could be a problem to fly there ,but I think ,that it´s possible to realize something like that.Thank you for your reply.

14/04/2007 18:08 UTCMichael K.

We plan an event but more pilots are required to complete it. Wait a few months and you will see :-) But it won't be a classical mass flight.

14/04/2007 19:39 UTCMichal M.

Oh,that sounds great,thank you.

18/04/2007 05:42 UTCRick R.

That sounds good to me too, and thank you Michal for posting in English. I have tried online translators for converting Czech to English and the resulting text is just as confusing to me.

18/04/2007 11:26 UTCMichael K.

If you have any question, you can post it to the English forum. It doesn't matter whether it is already replied it the Czech forum.

26/09/2008 11:02 UTCAndrea C.

If you will plane to make an event in LIMC I can give you a big help. I am LIMM-CH and so glad LIMC is our second HUB.
Let me know and I will coordinate with IT-EC.

29/09/2008 17:46 UTCMichal P.

Thank you Andrea for the kind offer, which we will certainly use when we plan any event for Malpensa airport. Have a nice flights in the meantime ;)


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