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Rejected Report

12/04/2007 00:46 UTCRick R.

Can someone help me with my rejected report? I was online when I flew the route and even watched myself on IVAE. As far as I know I did everything correctly on that flight. The system says I can correct the report but I have not been able to figure out how. Thanks!

12/04/2007 01:10 UTCAnonymous

Yes, we are experiencing some technical problems and we need to work on that. We will fix the entry in DB during thursday so that you can fill in your report. Untill then please be patient. Sorry for the trouble.

12/04/2007 01:11 UTCMichal P.

PS. The previous post was written by me.

12/04/2007 11:02 UTCRick R.

Technical problems are understandable and do take time to work out sometimes. No problem at all. Thanks for the reply!

12/04/2007 13:48 UTCMichael K.

Sorry for inconvenience, you should be able to fill the report now.

12/04/2007 23:46 UTCRick R.

No inconvenience and thanks for addressing the issue. Report has now been corrected.


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