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Departure Time

10/04/2007 02:15 UTCRick R.

Is it correct that we are supposed to set our FS time to actual UTC and make the flight at the actual time in the schedule? In other words, I cannot set my time in FS at a different time than actual in order to make a daylight flight when it is actually dark where I am flying? Am I making sense? Thank you. I am enjoying my first flight now.

10/04/2007 08:10 UTCMichal P.

If I understand correctly, you want to know whether you can set time in FS different from the actual UTC time? Well, rules of IVAO permit this, you can set any hour you want and synchronize only minutes according to real time. So it depends on you how much real you want your flight to be.
As for the departure time vs. UTC, u must always depart the flight using the real UTC in order to preserve the consistency of the schedule.

Hope this helps and should you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.

10/04/2007 14:13 UTCRick R.

Thank you for the reply. I just wanted to be sure. Since my local time is UTC-8, and I fly mostly in the evening, it looks like I'll be doing most of my flights in the early morning hours. I'll have to wait for the weekend to see what LKPR looks like in the daylight! :-)

10/04/2007 15:28 UTCAnonymous

I am not sure if you understood. I know, that because of the time zone most of your flights would be during the night - and I wrote that you can set different time in FS so that you fly in daylight even it is midnight in real-time, you only have to stick to the real UTC in relation to actual departure from the gate. So you don't have to wait till weekend ;) But maybe you just want to fly ARAIG including time and in this case disregard explanation above :)

10/04/2007 15:31 UTCMichal P.

Sorry for the the previous post not being signed, it was written by me but I was not logged in.

So enjoy flying for our VA and I hope to meet you in the air soon!

10/04/2007 17:23 UTCRick R.

Ok, I think I understand now. It is ok to change the time in FS as long as I fly the route at the proper time in the real world. So if the departure time on the schedule says 01:00Z I will fly this route at 18:00 local (we are on daylight savings so I guess we are UTC-7 now), but I can have my FS set to, say, local noon for the flight. That is much better to enjoy the great scenery over Europe! Thank you!

10/04/2007 17:59 UTCMichal P.

Yes, now correctly understood. Enjoy the flights!


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