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Triangle Event LKPR-LOWI-LZIB-LKPR, 23rd of February 2010, 1800UTC

16/02/2010 01:54 UTCMichal P.

Slovakian division prepared another of the favourite "triangle" events, planned on 23rd of February, 2010. The goal here is to depart from the given airport and continue the journey through next 2 airports in the triangle to eventually return back to the departure airport. This time the 3rd chosen airport is, aside from Prague and Bratislava, airport of Innsbruck/LOWI.
CZW decided to fly from Prague inbound-wise to Innsbruck. Of course, you don't have to fly all the legs of the triangle, everyone can choose the number of the legs according to his/her free time. The departure is planned at 1800UTC (1900LOC). If you would like to participate, mention it here in the thread together with the aircraft type you would like to fly and we will prepare the flights accordingly.
This is one of few opportunities in a year when you can share the same flights with the other felow Czech Wings pilots, so don't hesitate and reserve your flights today!


03:55:02 UTC


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