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EFRO Rovaniemi X-Mas Fly-In, 12th of December 2009

04/12/2009 21:30 UTCMichal P.

Like most of you already know, there is the annual Christmas Fly-In to Rovaniemi each year, the home of Santa Claus. That is why we decided this year, that we would like to dispatch as many aircraft as possible to deliver Christmas wishes sent by children from Czech Republic. The event takes place on 12th of December 2009, from 18 to 23 UTC, departures from Prague are scheduled at around 1630 UTC, booking of return flights back to Prague is welcomed. We would be glad if you joined us, and enjoyed full ATC coverage combined with dense traffic (and maybe even fog and snowfall :) ). If you are interested, leave a message here in the thread which an aircraft type you would like to fly, so we can have some rough numbers of aircaft and their types to be prepared for the event. That's all there is to it, now we can only look forward to one of the most beautiful events of the year, in the pre-Christmas time.

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