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VA Looks Very Nice!

09/04/2007 02:26 UTCRick

Very professional looking VA you have here. I am looking forward to flying with you. I hope the fact that I only speak English is not a problem.

09/04/2007 11:26 UTCMichael K.

Welcome and thank you, we are glad you have joined our VA. Everything is designed to allow everybody speaking English to fly for Czech Wings without any problem. Nice landings :-)

27/04/2007 12:11 UTCCalum M.

just to use this topic rather than start a new one ...

The VA looks absolutely amazing , very realistic and professional.

Please continue making this VA very realistic with regards to destinations and fleet choices and I am strongly considering joining.

Thank You.


27/04/2007 12:36 UTCMichal P.

Thank you for the compliments. We are very glad that you and the others like our VA, it has been created for you, the pilots in the first place.
If you decide to join us, you will help us to make our VA better, because without pilots it would not come to life. And in reward, we will try to do our best to satisfy the needs and suggestions of the pilots, flight crews.

27/04/2007 12:53 UTCCalum M.

Thanks for the quick reply Michal.

I didnt mean to sound like I am not going to join , it is just because I have been away from flying sim for a bit of time so , have to get re-activated and am taking the IVAP exam. So once both these things are done , I will be moving to the Czech-Republic division to start my PMDG736 training out of Prague , so I am very excited and cant wait.

Would I be allowed to join right now and then wait a few days before my first flight? ( because I would happily join right now if allowed ) , or would you prefer me only to join when I am ready to fly straight away ?



27/04/2007 13:16 UTCMichal P.

Hello Calum

on the other hand, I didnt want to sound persuasively, of course it is your choice to join any VA you want and therefore we highly appreciate that you are considering Czech Wings.
As for the registration, no problem, you can send your request right away and fly your first flight anytime later.

27/04/2007 13:26 UTCCalum

great news Michal thank you.

Yeah I found this VA and the homepage looked good already , but the fleet page and the screenshots of the aircraft in action and the high realism made me decide I wanted to join here.


04/09/2007 16:41 UTCguest

supported with FSX?

05/09/2007 15:14 UTCMichael K.

We currently offer liveries for PMDG 737 and Level-D 767. Only the Level-D 767 is FSX compatible. ATR (coming soon to our fleet) is FSX compatible as well.

24/09/2007 11:06 UTCVláďa B.

I have B737PMDG which compatible with FSX...very interesting :))


03:18:13 UTC


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