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As long as you have no ATC online and transmit on UNICOM, feel free to use our company channel simultaneously. It is used to simulate three things: You can communicate with other Czech Wings pilots as you would do if you were together in one cokpit. Simply, you can talk about anything when you are not in a critical phase of flight. Critical phases of flight include all ground operations involving taxi, takeoff and landing, and all other flight operations conducted below FL100, except cruise flight if the cruise level is lower than FL100. The channel also serves as the operation and troubleshooting frequency when a staff member is online.

The easiest way to use our company channel is to download modified companyfreq.dat and place it to the IvAp directory (FS 2004) or C:\Users\Your user name\AppData\Roaming\IVAO\IvAp\data (FSX on Vista). If you have not edited the original file in the past, you can overwrite it by the new one. Otherwise, add this line to the end of the file:

This modification tells IvAp to connect you to the company channel when you tune the UNICOM frequency (122,8 MHz). You will still be able to read/write UNICOM messages and our company channel will be active for voice communication. The channel is joined when you switch the radio frequency on the radio panel &ndash not in IvAp – to the UNICOM frequency from any other frequency (by swapping active and standby VHF COMM frequencies on the radio panel, i.e. at first set standby frequency on the radio panel to 122,8, then switch it to active and the company channel will be joined).

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