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This is a scenery list for a historical contest which we prepared in cooperation with Aerosoft. Every month a pilot with the highest point score got a download version of a scenery from Aerosoft for any of our destinations. The only condition was that the selected destination must have been served by an aircraft which was flown by the pilot. One winner was announced on the last day of every month and all reports sent in last 30 days were counted in. The first winner was announced on 30th of June, 2009. The contest ended in August, 2012. In case of a tie, a pilot who had not won a scenery in the past or who had won fewer sceneries would get a new one. If this condition was insufficient to select a winner, a pilot with more total points would get a scenery (for reports sent from the pilot's registration till the end of a month).

Available sceneries

13:01:28 UTC


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