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Add-on contest


You have to complete all these 4 tasks and get most points of all participants between 25th of December, 2008 and 28th of March, 2009 in order to win a download version of The Flight One ATR or Level-D 767. There is no need to sign up for contest, all registered pilots can can start right away. Should you have any questions, feel free to ask in the forum or by e-mail.

1) Different planes

Use for the flights at least 5 planes from our fleet with different registrations. ?/5

2) Own consecutive flights

Complete at least 3 times (does not have to be all at once) flight succeeding your other flight with the same plane (you have to complete 3 couples of flights, 1 couple means 2 consecutive flights assigned to a plane with the same registration, each 2 consecutive flights mean 1 couple, 3 consecutive flights mean 2 couples, 4 consecutive flights mean 3 couples). ?/3

3) Consecutive flights with other pilots

Complete at least 3 times (does not have to be all at once) flight preceding or succeeding other pilot's flight with the same plane (it does not matter who books his flight first, both pilots' flights will be accepted). ?/3

4) Night shift

Complete at least 1 flight departing (SOBT) between 23:00 UTC and 3:00 UTC or arriving (SIBT) between 0:00 UTC and 4:00 UTC or online over midnight. ?/1

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Tentative results

  1. Jakub H. (216)
  2. Jan F. (123)
  3. Jakub J. (93)
  4. Michal D. (93)
  5. Michal P. (88)
  6. Robert P. (65)

Tasks not completed yet

  1. Michal P. (164)
  2. Jakub L. (112)
  3. Ondřej B. (88)

Add-on contest

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